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Telehealth technology enables healthcare clinicians to remotely monitor and manage patients with long term conditions such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Heart Failure and Diabetes, whilst they remain in their own home. Telehealth equipment records and monitors patient ‘vitals’ such as weight, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, blood sugar levels and temperature to enable clinicians to spot trends and fluctuations and quickly intervene when necessary.

Medical advances and a growing awareness of how to stay fit and healthy means the population is living longer than ever before, which is placing increased pressure on the healthcare system. Many healthcare providers are turning to technology to avoid costly and unnecessary hospitalisation, whilst at the same time improving patient outcomes.

Established Telehealth provider with years of experience

Red Alert is an established and professional provider of telehealth technology, with an experienced onsite administrative and management workforce who are well-versed at running telehealth projects for commissioning groups. We recognise that one-size does not fit all. Red Alert is equipment independent, which means we only partner with specialist telehealth technology manufacturers that cater to the specific needs of each project or commissioning body.

Integrated Telehealth and Telecare Service

We are one of the few healthcare technology providers offering both telecare and telehealth services. Traditionally these two services have been specified by different entities: telehealth being the preserve of the health service, whilst telecare has historically been managed by local government and the social sector. But many patients with chronic and complex conditions require both telecare and telehealth technology – and as a result many commissioning bodies are moving towards an integrated offering to accommodate all the patient’s needs via a single source.

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