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Heat Detector

The wireless heat detector is a telecare sensor that provides additional protection against the risk of fires by raising an alarm call to a Lifeline home unit or other compatible Tunstall telecare enabled systems when the temperature at the detector reaches 58°C. It is particularly useful in rooms such as kitchens where traditional smoke detectors are advised not to be used as they are likely to cause false alarms. It is supplied with the Easi-Fit base (pattress) that allows very quick and simple installation of the heat detector. When activated, the heat detector emits a local audible tone to warn the user whilst also transmitting an alarm call to a Tunstall home unit via the dedicated European social alarm frequency. The Tunstall home unit will then raise a call to the monitoring centre or carer enabling the recipient to identify what type of telecare sensor initiated the call, allowing the most appropriate and immediate action to be taken.

Technical Info

Weight: 291g

Dimensions: 145 x 78mm (W x D) (inc base)

Radio frequency: 869.2125MHz, compliant with European Social Alarm Frequency Band

Radio range: Up to 50m in buildings

Power supply: Detector - 9V Lithium (replaceable) Radio - 3V Lithium (non replaceable)

Battery life: Detector – 5 years Radio Easi-Fit base - 5 years

Detector life: 10 years

Sensor: Thermistor

Temperature: 0°C to 40°C

Humidity: 15% to 95% Relative Humidity