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Annual Report by Clive Gawler, Managing Director

Annual Report 2016/2017

Thank you for looking at this year’s annual report outlining some of our activities throughout the year.As a company we have again shown steady growth throughout the period. Our client base has broadened (*see current clients) as have our areas of expertise and operation. In addition to working with an increasing number of councils and boroughs we have built relationships with more manufacturers and providers and frequently become their preferred installers. Overall we still provide our services in over a third of all London Boroughs.

Our management team has been enhanced again this year and best practice has led us to remain outsourcing specialist IT and HR expertise.

I am delighted to confirm that James Batchelor was promoted to the newly created position Operations Manager in November 2015; James joined the company in 2012 and has shown outstanding commitment and devotion to our company. Lesley Cross will shortly be moving to an exciting new role of Tenders Coordinator; Kerry Yardley has been appointed Administration Team Leader to replace Lesley.



We have continued to expand our client stock control and asset management service together with our installation, maintenance and callout activities.

In addition to working directly for key telecare manufacturers we remain exclusive installers for Philips telehealth equipment. This marks an exciting landmark in our growth and expands our areas of geographic operation to Liverpool, Hull, Bristol, and Royal Brompton patients across the UK. This expansion has created new opportunities for us; Dino Peters is our new Telehealth Project Manager with five technical installers and an admin team looking after approximately 1200 patients.

In March 2015 we were appointed telecare installers for the high profile Argenti project in Hampshire and TUPE’d all staff across to Red Alert. This is a really exciting opportunity on a unique project that sees our installers (Telecare Advisers) carrying out assessments as an integral part of the installation visit. The project now has eight technical staff operating throughout the county; we have four administration staff on this project all now based in our Ashford offices. Our total administration team has now grown to eight and we have appointed an assistant for Paul, our stock control manager.

Continued investment in IT has helped ensure robust, secure and speedy support for operations and logistics; we are successfully operating bespoke software on installers PDA’s and continued development of this software has been rolled out to our telehealth team and Argenti operation. Our back office software is also under review and we have recently moved to a cloud based system for the Argenti project. This brings greater accuracy, saves time and importantly enhances our service levels. A dedicated SIP trunk to host a new telephone system and support our ever-increasing internet demands is scheduled for May.



As a matter of course we undertake on going customer satisfaction surveys and I am proud to present the figures shown below that highlight the high level of satisfaction that our customers have for our services. Indeed I am also extremely proud to illustrate a sample of unsolicited testimonials that we have received this year. Whilst statistics can be manipulated to say many things it is clear we have great and caring staff. This year for instance again over 99% of surveyed clients said thatthe installer was courteous and professional and over 97% were again satisfied with the engineer visit.

Our diverse range of clients means that deliverables vary from client to client however I can share with you some key KPI results -

Urgent Installations March 2015 to February 2016 — TSA requirements 9 out of 10 by end of 3rd working day.· 100% installed within 3 days

Non Urgent Installations March 2015 to February 2016 — TSA requirements 9 out of 10 by end of 16th working day.· 100% completed before end of 16 working days

Critical Callouts March 2015 to February 2016 — TSA requirement 9 out of 10 critical calls to repaired within 48 hours.· 100% completed within 48 hours

Non Critical Callouts March 2015 to February 2016 – TSA requirements 9 out of 10 calls repaired by end of 11th working day.· 100% completed before end of 11th working day

Complaint Handling — March 2015 to February 2016 — TSA requirements 5 day response (100%), 20 day response (100%)· 11 complaints received and closed within 5 days (100%)

User Satisfaction — TSA requirements 90% 10% sampled, Service Quality (99%), Staff Helpful (99%)



Keeping up to date with technology is vital in our industry and I am pleased to say all technical staff have maintained manufacturer training over the last twelve months.



Matthew Morgan received ‘customer commendation’ kudos from James Batchelor on 04/02/2016, 9:52am Went the extra mile for Frimley Park, Hamps. Got a commendation from the hospital team, this demonstrates just how hard Matthew is working at the moment to build the relationship between RA and the wider Argenti clientele.


Wayne Clark received ‘went the extra mile’ kudos from Aimee Wyatt on 28/01/2016, 12:07pm Attended a job for a faulty CO detector. Whilst there Wayne noticed that the customer had a gas leak. Rather than advising her to contact the gas company, Wayne called them and sorted the problem out so that it was safe for her to use her gas again. Excellent job.


Drew Goble received ‘customer commendation’ kudos from James Batchelor on 15/10/2015, 5:32pm I have just received a call from Mr ******* who wanted to call me personally and tell me that you gave his mum a world class service and you are an absolute credit to the company.Nothing we didn’t know already, but Mr ****** was absolutely brimming with praise, one of the most positive calls I’ve ever received. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Matthew Perkins received ‘customer commendation’ kudos from James Batchelor on 25/09/2015, 12:19pm Attended a joint installation with Mario from Oysta (supplier). Mario was amazed by Matt's professionalism and customer service. Really good stuff.


Josh Freeman received ‘job well done’ kudos from Lesley Cross on 11/08/2015, 1:50pm Well Done Josh!! Tynetec Scheme Josh has installed. I was there with him and denied help until I was satisfied I had seen him try then I would help. Josh did not need my help. Just encouragement. He had the correct Information and looked in all the right places. When he realised he couldn't find the answer he then phoned Tynetec and got the information he was looking for. I was very impressed and wish more engineers would do the same. Kind regards Sam.


Natashia Ockelford received ‘awesome service’ kudos from Lesley Cross on 06/08/2015, 5:07pm Well done Tash, Mrs ******** in Newham has expressed her thanks and gratitude for helping her this afternoon. She is overwhelmed by your kindness.


Sanusha Singh received ‘customer commendation’ kudos from James Batchelor on 15/07/2015

10:46am Feedback from Denise - Following an installation by Sanusha earlier in the week, we had‎ a call to say how brilliant she was. She made the Service User feel at ease and explained everything well and have given peace of mind to family. They were very impressed. Well done Sanusha!!!


Peter Silk received ‘saved the day’ kudos from Paul Weatherall on 22/06/2015, 4:30pm

Peter went to a call out that was urgent in another area last thing on a Friday. This saved another engineer a three hour round trip, plus fuel, from Ashford. Thanks Pete!




A newly branded website was launched in November 2015; a new marketing strategy aimed jointly at private and public sector and commercial alliances will help us capitalise on our position in the market. Our long term strategy of providing a national telecare & telehealth service took a step closer with our Philips and contract and this remains our objective going forward.